Tanso S1 3D Scanner Unboxing

What’s in the Box?

Tanso S1 Unboxing
1. Positioning pad
On the pad, position instructions are marked to help you place the scanner and turntable at right places to obtain the best scan results. There are 3 distance modes (A/B/C) to place the turntable when scanning objects of different sizes.
Positioning pad
2. Scanner
The tablet scanner has a 7.0-inch capacitive touchscreen and a thickness of 0.6 inches, weighing around 1.15 pounds.
Positioning pad scanner
3. Turntable
The turntable diameter is around 8 inches and the maximum loading capacity is 5kg. It displays and rotates calibration board or objects wirelessly in 360 degrees while calibrating or scanning.
Positioning turntable
4. Calibration board
The calibration board looks like a checkerboard with black and white squares, which lets the scanner know the position of the cameras and projectors in relation to the object.
Calibration board
(For mode B only)
Tanso S1 only includes one calibration board, which serves scanning in distance mode B. Calibration board for mode A & C are available as accessories, you can contact your local agent to purchase.
5. Tripod
With a ball head, the tripod allows for 360-degree rotation and up to a 90-degree tilt of the scanner.
6. Turntable adapter
This is an adapter that powers the turntable.
Positioning turntable adapter
7. User Guide
In the User Guide, you can get detailed instructions on how to use Tanso S1, and warranty information.
Positioning user guide
8. Bird model
The color bird model is offered for you to start your scanning experience with Tanso S1.
Bird model
9. Quick charger and Type-C cable
The quick charger and Type-C cable deliver fast charge to the scanner. The cable also works for direct data transfer to PC.
Charger and cable
10. Calibration board holder
You can adjust the holder at 10 different angles from 0° to 100° to find a proper angle to place the calibration board. Suggested angle is 30°.
Calibration board holder
11. Blutack
Blu tack is a putty-like adhesive, used to attach objects with curved surface (such as a ball) to the turntable.
High Accuracy 3D Scanner