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        The newest addition to our 3D Scanner family. Engineered with sheer ingenuity for compelling 3D scans within the limits of your back pocket, meaning PORTABILITY. The POP boasts incredibly high-accurate scans within margins of 0.3mm, somewhere your naked eye can't even detect. Suitable for indoor and outdoor use. Easy to use software included.

        3d Hand ScannerRevopoint POP 3D Scanner is designed with binocular structured light, which ensures that the acquired 3D point cloud data features high accuracy. The highest single-frame accuracy can reach 0.3mm. This device supports both high-precision and texture scanning modes, which allows you to directly generate vivid 3D models for color 3D printing.3d Hand Scanner3d Print ScannerAccuracy — that’s one thing you don’t want to compromise because scanning accuracy is directly related to the quality of 3D printing. Traditional consumer 3D scanner tends to sacrifice the accuracy, offering users silhouette which are not ready for 3D printing. Revopoint POP is created to change the course.

        3d Hand ScannerPortable 3d ScannerAble to sync multiple different scan angles to continuously reinforce the same model with its automatic alignment technology. 

        Portable 3d Scanner3d Scanning KitPortable 3d ScannerOur unprecedented innovation led us to a unique formula: POP Scanner allows you to use free scanning, fixed scanning, and human scanning both indoor or outdoor. When you hold it in hand, you can scan a 6 feet tall statue. If you are not skillful enough yet, you can also enjoy 3D scanning by just watching it done automatically, with the help of a turntable. When you want to scan a human face or body, you can set to the human model, and gain a lifelike 3D face or body model. 

        Portable 3d ScannerBest 3d ScannerPortable 3d Scanner3d Print Scanner3d Hand ScannerBest 3d ScannerYou cannot imagine how to scan a human face or animals with the laser or white light 3D scanner, but you can easily do it with Revopoint POP. You can scan someone in front of the face, and he/she can see nothing from the scanner, which will produce a high-precision face, lifelike with texture. When it comes to animals, you will get a perfect 3D model without a strong laser light that can freak them out. 

        3d Hand ScannerBest 3d Scanner3d Hand ScannerBest 3d ScannerRevopoint POP 3D Scanner is no bigger than a smartphone, with a weight of 200g, which you can carry to any outdoor monument spot and most of the indoor museum. you are able to take a very special “3D photo” with the POP scanner, and bring it back to 3D print a duplicate of any object you like.

        3d Hand ScannerBest 3d ScannerToo many cables from traditional 3D scanners make them difficult to connect and operate, which is not acceptable for a real artist. This is why we designed Revopoint POP 3D Scanner with a minimalist approach —— with only one USB cable that works both as a power cable and a data transfer cable.

        Best 3d Hand Scanner Best 3d ScannerPortable 3d ScannerWhile conventional 3D scanners use complex software which is intimidating, Revopoint POP 3D Scanner is extremely inclusive instead. With constant reminders of the scanning progress and results, all relevant progress and information are displayed on the software interface in real-time. Also, if you encounter a problem during the scanning process, you can also pause, undo and make corrections at any time.

        3d Scanning KitBest 3d ScannerRevopoint POP 3D Scanner takes advantage of the infrared invisible light (the same light you used for decades to control your TV from a remote) to avoid strong light stimulation.

        Portable 3d ScannerPortable 3d ScannerThe algorithm of the POP is efficient and lightweight. Its built-in chip can finish most of the calculation & mapping work, so the Revopoint POP 3D scanner does not require a strong CPU or GPU from the connected PC/Phone/Pad.3d Scanning KitPortable 3d Scanner

        Product Specifications

        Product model POP 3D scanner
        Technology Dual camera infrared structured light
        Single capture accuracy Up to 0.3mm
        Single capture range 210mm x 130mm
        Working distance 275mm±100mm
        Minimum scan volume 30×30×30
        Scan speed Up to 8 fps
        Light source 1 class infrared Laser(eye-safe)
        Alignment Feature alignment, marker point alignment
        Output format STL、PLY、OBJ
        Texture scan Yes
        Special object scanning For the transparent and highly reflective objects, please spray powder before scanning
        Outdoor scanning Avoid direct sunlight, best timing is 1 hour around the sunset
        Scanner weight ≤225g
        Dimensions 154.6×38.2×25.6
        Printable data output Able to export 3D model directly to 3D printing
        Required PC/Phone configurations Windows810,64-bit/ Android6 .0. or above
        Note The aforesaid accuracy is acquired in standard lab environment, which might vary subject to actual operating environment.



        How to download software?
        Here is the link to download the software, please scroll down to find a proper version for your device:
        What is the accuracy of POP 3D Scanner?
        The accuracy of POP is up to 0.3mm. There are many user case on sketchfab you can see the actual results.
        What is the main differences of POP 3D Scanner with other Scanner?
        If you’re into creative work using 3D printing and 3D imaging technology, you know that high-precision 3D scanners are far too expensive, or they tend to be less than accurate and not up to the standards that design work requires, and they also tend to be devices that are not easy to understand or use. The learning curve is steep before anyone can create good 3D models. To make matters worse, 3D scanners typically use laser or visible light sources that are not safe for the eyes of the user. That’s why we’re proudly introducing the Revopoint POP 3D Scanner, a highly sophisticated yet extremely compact imaging device that does what industrial-level 3D scanners do—but in a far affordable way.
        What are the Computer requirements?

        POP supports Windows, MAC, Andriod and iOS.

        Windows: win8/win10 

        IMac type: Only for Mac OS 10.15 and above
        Only WiFi mode support currently! 

        Android: ≥Android 6.0 

        Machine Type: iPhone 7 and all models after; and 3rd generation and above of iPad Pro, iPad and iPad

        Do all operate Systems support WiFi and USB transmission?
        • Windows support both USB and Wifi Transmission.
        • MAC support Wifi only now, the new SF version supporting USB transmission will be released in September.
        • Android support both USB and WIFI. Please check if your phone could supply enough power for POP Scanner. The further requirement please check user Manuel.
        • iOS support WiFi Transmission only.
        What is the size of object that POP could Scan?

        Our suggestion minimum size is 50mm ×50 mm×50mm. Smaller object also could be scanned by POP, there are some tutorial video on Youtube Channel you can follow.

        The maximized size is no limitation. For large object, practice more would help to.

        How long it will take to scan a face and body?

        Normally, Scan face only takes 30 seconds, and body would take 2 to 5 minutes,  it depend on your proficiency.

        Do I need pay for the Software?

        No, The software is free for life.

        Does scanned model could come with Design Software?

        Yes, the output file could be Stl, Obj and Ply, complicated with most 3D Design Software.

        Maya、3D Max、Tinker CAD、UG nx、Mesh.lab、solid edge、SketchUp,Fusion 360、unity 3D、Rhino,cura,Cinma 4D、blender、SolidWorks, and so on.

        May I use POP scanner outdoor?

        Yes, you can use POP scanner outdoor, but the direct sunlight should be avoided.

        Does the POP could scan with color?

        Yes, This device supports both high-precision and texture scanning modes, which allows you to directly generate vivid 3D models for color 3D printing.

          Customer Reviews

          Based on 82 reviews
          Arlindo Martins
          Amazing product

          Please, go for it! It's worth all the money invested!

          Tom Kieronski
          Great portable 3D scanner to capture life objects, even people

          Revopoint 3D scanner proves to be a great little gem with surprising level of accuracy when it comes to scanning 3D objects. The software is reasonable albeit does have random crashes on Windows when processing scan data so be prepared to have to re-scan your object. If this a problem please feel free to find alternative scanners that are much more expensive yet not much more reliable.

          I love that the scanner works with your phone, making it a truly portable device. Albeit you will get better results (in my case anyway), if you use a laptop. I have not yet tired to use a Mac version of the software but the Windows does work and provides very reasonable quality models.

          Highly recommend this unit for your 3D scanning needs.

          David Villaran
          POP 3D Scanner

          El escáner va muy bien, sencillo de usar y el mejor que he provado hasta ahora. Gran calidad de definición y captura de objetos

          David Villarán
          Pop 3d scanner

          Funciona muy bien, el mejor que he provado hasta ahora

          Toni Tikkinen

          Working great from first scan!