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        The World's first 3D Scanner that works as a 7-inch super tablet. Gone are the days of messy cables attached to computers. All you need is one product, which is the TANSO S1. Every scan comes close to perfection with a margin of 0.12mm, which is perfect for the VR/AR experience. What's more! Are you tired of scanning all day and need to relax? The TANSO S1 functions as a Projector as well. Suitable for indoors. All-in-one software is pre-installed.

        Best 3d Scanner

        Tanso S1 is the world’s first 3D scanner designed as a 7-inch super-thin tablet. It is able to scan anytime and anywhere without the requirement of PC or annoying cables. It takes only 2-3 minutes to complete scanning, and the output 3D model has vivid color and fine details and can be viewed instantly. Three scanning modes are available to capture objects of different sizes for the best result. More than a 3D scanner, Tanso S1 also serves as a projector and an entertaining tablet.

        Best 3d Scanner3d Print ScannerBest 3d Scanner

        2-minute scanning and automatic fusion can output a model of vivid color and fine texture, with a scan accuracy as high as 0.1mm, and a point distance of 0.12mm.

        Meet the harsh requirements of VR/AR reverse engineering and 3D face photographing. 

         3d Print Scanner

        Best 3d Scanner

        With our free cloud service, you can safely store your scanned models. So every single model you’ve scanned with Tanso S1 is always accessible on your PC, smartphone, or tablet. You can do post-editing using our free PC software, or export it to any brand 3Dprinters via API access.


        3d Print Scanner


        Best 3d Scanner

        Tanso S1 features a thin, light, and portable design that makes it a perfect companion. At1.15 pounds and 15 mm thin, it’s easy to operate in hand. You can tap, swipe, pinch, and zoom in to scan and check the scanned 3D models like a normal tablet intuitively. Unlike other scanners, it scans without annoying cables and complicated setup. 2 minutes is all you need to scan a simple object, and it takes 1 more minute to scan a more complex one.

        Best 3d Scanner3d Print Scanner

        With Tanso S1, you get along with many incredible things you'd never expect from one device.You can use it as:

        Best 3d Scanner

        It’s much more than any other scanners!

        Best 3d Scanner3d Print ScannerBest 3d ScannerBest 3d Scanner3d Print Scanner

        Best 3d Scanner

        Product Specifications

        Product Model Tanso S1
        Scanning volume(mm) 135(H)×200(W)x200(L)@300 distance
        200(H)×300(W)x300(L)@450 distance
        300(H)×300(W)x300(L)@600 distance
        Texture resolution 2 million-13 million pixels
        Texture 24-bit RGB HD mapping
        Single-sided scanning accuracy(mm) 0.1
        Single-sided scanning range(mm) 135~300(H)x200-400(W)
        Working distance(mm) Adjustable 300-600
        Point distance(mm) 0.1-0.15
        Alignment Automatic turntable alignment
        Light source White light
        Scanning mode Automatic turntable scanning
        Scanning speed ≤2min/circle
        Support 3D printing format stl, ply, obj
        Data processing Embedded computing
        Camera resolution 13 million pixels (2 cameras)
        Projection 1080P color projection
        Turntable control Bluetooth
        Screen 7.0-inch 2K HD capitative touchscreen
        Battery 3100mAH
        CPU 2.0GHZ, 6 core ARM processor
        RAM 4G
        Storage 32G
        Power supply 12V DC
        Multi-screen interaction Airplay/DLNA/Miracast
        Operating system Android 7.1
        Connection WIFI, Bluetooth4.0, TYPE-C (USB3.0)
        Scanner dimensions(mm) 192×122×15
        Turntable dimensions(mm) 桅200脳50
        Load capacity of turntable ≤5kg
        Net weight 520g
        Lightbox accessory (optional)
        Function Enhance texture effect
        Light source LED
        Dimensions(mm) 400×400×400
        Power supply 24V
        Control Bluetooth
        *Note: The accuracy above is obtained in the lab.

        Customer Reviews

        Based on 6 reviews
        Geat scanner

        Geat scanner, love it so much

        Angus M

        Everything is super, the goods correspond to the description.

        Maui Michael

        The scanner works better than I could have imagined. The pics are untouched scans I've done with little effort, the machine does it all. Thanks to Revopoint.

        Jeremy Bins

        Thank you. It came in 2 weeks. I' what I looking for, put on an object on the turntable and an exact duplicate shows up in your computer. I had to say it's a great scanner.


        Well packed, fast delivery not tested yet, looks well made

        Guided Study

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