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        Revopoint Office


        Who We Are

        In 2014, a group of young doctors and researchers from MIT, Kent Unv, and other institutions started to develop 3D technology, they design and test high-quality, easy-to-use, and cost-effective 3Dscanners & cameras that can offer 3Dmodels for various applications such as face recognition & modeling, machine vision, etc.

        Founded in 2019, is an international entity to deliver these 3D technologies and products and solutions to US market and the rest of the world. We are committed to developing and manufacturing more intelligent and highly accurate 3D camera that are easy to use for everyone.


        What We Do

        Revopoint 3D has been working on the core technologies of optical micro structured light chip and a novel coding algorithm, making it impossible to produce highly intelligent and accurate 3D cameras.Except possessing the cutting-edge technologies, our products are also made user-friendly and cost-effective to meet diverse demands. It can either be solely used or embedded into our customer’s systems, such as smartphones, computers and robots, making
        it extremely versatile.


        Why Choose Us

        We have been investing heavily to provide better products. Our R&D center is equipped with first class facilities and equipment The hardware research center is located in Shenzhen, enjoying favorable local business and industrial environment. Our manufacturing factory covers an area of 1,500 ㎡ with a full-fledged production line.


        After years of experience in the industry, Revopoint 3D has been granted several patents on core technologies. our products met not only customer’s requirements but also the IsO9001 certification.


        Brand History

        MESM chips


        Be the most successful personal 3D scanner manufacturer.

        POP crowdfunding


        POP, the highest crowdfunded 3D scanner released.

        white light 3D scanner-Tanso


        Fingo s1-the first Android 3D scanner be released.

        Significant increase in revenue


        Get Pre-A investment more than 3 million of SoftBank and the scanners begin mass products.

        milliondollars investment


        Get Angel investment more than one milliondollars and the first 3D scanner be release

        Revopoint building