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        Based on 175 reviews
        POP 3D Portable Scanner
        Felipe Cassini

        Equipamento super fantástico,. Atendeu minhas expectativas. O programa ainda precisa ser mais estável. Preciso estudar mais para fazer trabalhos mais detalhados.

        Latest RevoPOP2 is Fantastic!!!

        The level of detail is great, but the overall user experience with the PC software is top notch excellent. Once we get the calibration tool, it will be even better.

        Very satisfied with my purchase!!! YouTube video placeholder

        I love the precision

        Accurate Scans, Easy to Use

        I received this unit by supporting their Kickstarter campaign...I love this thing, after getting familiar/ comfortable with it, I am scanning everything with ease. I do a lot of prototyping using Solidworks and 3d Printers and this unit is just the answer, as the cost is much lower than commercial scanners, yet gives the same results.
        I can transfer the scanned images into Solidworks directly or I can convert to mesh in Handy Studio (part of the software suite for this unit).
        I am scanning some large items, with the largest (so far) being 1448mm* At the body mode, you can see the places that are next, creating a beautiful mesh.
        I am using this scanner much more often than I thought I would, with accurate scans, I am able to use the results as verbatim for sizing.

        love it!

        love the scanner. simple to use. the support team is lovely.

        Excellent scanner with a good price

        The scanner is excellent for the good price and the detailed scans it provides, it certainly performs as advertised. I tried it with the laptop and the mobile phone, both performed perfectly. Just make sure to read the scanner's specs and watch the tutorial videos before ordering to know what it can and cannot do.

        POP 3D Portable Scanner
        James L. Shupe
        My POP experience

        I was intrigued by this little scanner when I saw it on Kickstarter and couldn't wait to get mine. I unboxed and started to play with it, having minimal experience with the Xbox Kinect and its mediocre results. The unit was very well packaged in a sturdy box and came with the accessory black sheet, scanning dots, gloves, usb-c and usb 3.0 cables, turntable, and some blue putty for adhering objects to the turntable. Playing with the POP and gaining experience, seeing my scans get better and better has been very rewarding; and my experience with customer support has been excellent.

        POP 3D Portable Scanner
        Wolfgang Homeier
        Revopoint 3D POP 2

        Good 3D scanner
        I use the Revopoint 3D POP 2 for projects in the automotive sector.

        Me encanta

        Me ha resultado un poco difícil aprender a hacer buenos escaneos pero, una vez que se le coge el punto, es maravilloso.

        Great product

        This is a very good product.

        My Revo Arrived

        Entry level precision hobby scanner. Nice setup for start education on 3d scanning or hobby use.
        Excellent quality.


        This works as it is described

        Ground breaking prosumer scanner

        Ground breaking prosumer scanner reaching new levels, Resolution, versatility; mobile and static scanning, and not unimportant; no deliver and forget, but life long support and service

        POP 2 3D High-Precision Scanner

        Working well so far

        I have had limited use with the POP2 scanner so far. It seems to have usable resolution and the hardware works well. The software and tracking could use further refinement so hopefully development will continue.

        This review was left in exchange for a free gift

        Pop uno scanner eccezzionale

        Questo scanner 3d l'ho provato e come qualsiasi altro scanner ho dovuto fare diverse prove con luci e superfici differenti, il risultato è stato ottimo anche in funzione del prezzo che paragonato ad altri scanner che ho usato, dal costo decisamente superiore non ha affatto sfigurato, io lo uso per lavoro nel campo automotive, e devo dire con risultati soddisfacenti, unica pecca non aver potuto vedere la differenza tra il mio pop con il nuovo pop 2.
        Attualmente avendo elaborato oggetti coperti da copywrite non posso farli vede ma in fututro con il permesso delle aziende lo farò!

        POP 2 3D High-Precision Scanner
        Hermann Adlmaninger
        super scanner

        best scanner i ever had! great for making spare parts.

        Muy bien escaner

        Valió la pena la espera, los primeros resultados de las pruebas de escaneo son geniales. Es cierto que existen tecnologías más avanzadas, pero por supuesto a unos precios no accesibles para los consumidores normales. Espero sigan trabajando en el software para mejorar las prestaciones. Gracias!

        POP 2 3D High-Precision Scanner
        Diego Rojas Mendizábal
        Muy buen escaner

        Valió la pena la espera, los primeros resultados de las pruebas de escaneo son geniales.
        Es cierto que existen tecnologías más avanzadas, pero por supuesto a unos precios no accesibles para los consumidores normales.
        Espero sigan trabajando en el software para mejorar las prestaciones. Gracias!

        Hands down best option for the price!

        Excelling hobby level scanner that works well! I'm blown away by how well this scanner works. It's accurate and easy to use. I honestly did not expect such a high level of quality for the price so I'm beyond pleased with it all. It's small and connecting with a mobile phone is incredibly handy. Well worth the investment.

        Revopoint POP 2 3D - scanner

        Received the Revopoint POP 2 3D scanner yesterday. After unboxing did some early tests to get acquinted. I was surprised how easy it is; it handles very well and gives great results. I will take it today to our Museum in order to scan several artefacts. We will publish the scanned results as well. The Revopoint POP 2 is a great 3D-scanner!

        test not yet

        Delivery was delayed due to the corona issue, but I received good feedback because of the continuous feedback.
        The product is still being tested, but it seems to have the expected performance.

        Received my POP2 scanner

        I absolutely love this little scanner. It has exceeded all my expectations. After several weeks of waiting (none of which were the fault of Revopoint), I received my scanner and immediately opened it up, downloaded the latest software and went through the online support to get the necessary CDKey. The scanner has, so far, worked exactly as it is advertised. I mainly purchased the POP2 to help in the design of some engine bay parts for several classic cars and trucks that are not made, so for the price it was worth the gamble to have this capability, so far the gamble has been well worth the relatively low price tag. Thanks again Revopoint for a great little scanner.

        Great Scanner

        I've been looking at various scanners for a while to expand my interest in 3d printing. After reading many reviews decided to go for the POP 2. Glad I did, the unit performs really well on both a Windows laptop and Android phone. Software seems fairly straight forward although still in the trial and error stages. Overall, happy with this scanner.


        I haven't had time to try it out yet.
        But from the fantastic reviews i've read. And the unequalled customer support . I am willing to pre rate this product & give it 5 stars. Also i'd like the thank everybody at Revopoint for producing a product that i think has set a new standard both in quality, pricing and from what i've seen: ease of use.