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        Based on 74 reviews
        Good tool

        Simple to use, good scanner for a reasonable price.

        Product good

        The scanner itself is good although not yet had chance to use the whole kit as planned

        Great scanner

        Very nice scanner

        POP 3D Portable Scanner
        Krzysztof Kuczek
        Good scaner even for beginners


        Really good

        Small and light in the hand and ideal for work. I've always wanted such a sceenr! I am extremely satisfied with it. I will probably get another version in the future. I enclose a photo from the first scan.

        Sehr gut danke

        POP 3D Portable Scanner
        Michał Basiński
        First steps with revopoint

        Hi all! the use of this scanner is very easy and intuitive. Of course some patientcy and learning, good movements manner is essential when making scans. The better we do, the better results are and less postprocessing we will make. I am happy with the product, I think i will buy POP2 in the future too :)

        here are photos of my 2 minutes fast first scan


        I could make the data of my car and Shisa!

        Mobile Connector
        Paul Ingelmark

        Mobile Connector

        REVO. Tripod Power Bank
        frances frederic
        achat REVO Banque

        Trés bon produit. Reçu le colis dans les délais.Je recommande ce produit.

        Great 3D scanner

        I bought the pop revopoint for my design and 3D printing project of a racing car.

        I was skeptical when purchasing the 3D scanner from the quality of the product due to the price and specifications.

        I am pleasantly surprised with the results offered. the device is fine, easy to use and allows me to do a quality job.

        Simple to use scanner

        I've got some great results out of this kit, pretty much out of the box. I am finding that faces and objects such as footwear achieve the best scans, where forms are more organic. I've had a scanner in this price range and it struggled to achieve this quality of scans. Looking forward to see how far I can push this bit of hardware.

        POP 3D Portable Scanner
        Chavdar Hristov

        Great scanner!!!

        love it!

        love the scanner. simple to use. the support team is lovely.

        Un grand merci à l'équipe de Revopoint 3D

        En effet, le premier scanner que j'ai reçu ne fonctionnait pas.
        J'ai pris contact avec la team de Revopoint qui a constaté lors d'une Visio
        que le scanner était défaillant, ce qui peut arriver.
        L'équipe a été très professionnelle et très à l'écoute et a fait le nécessaire
        pour m'envoyer un nouveau scanner et m'indiquer la marche à suivre pour le renvoi du premier scanner.
        J'ai reçu celui-ci dans un laps de temps très raisonnable.
        Il fonctionne très bien.

        Je remercie l'équipe pour sa gentillesse sa réactivité et je souhaite une très belle réussite pour le futur de Revopoint.

        Bien cordialement.

        Scanning doesnt get much easier!

        Ill admit I did limited research before buying and was worried it would be very hard to get setup and scanning, But was totally opposite easy to connect and scan with incredible results for not alot of money.

        Cant wait to see what I can scan next!

        Great scanner for the price

        It took while to get here, but the quality is superb. After a few attempts and reviewing the online documentation I was able to get some really good scans. I had previously been using the Microsoft kinect. This is way easier to use and the quality is close to what you would get with a more expensive scanner at a 1/3 of the price. Very satisfied.

        just amazing !

        I was waiting this kind of product since so long time ! Few years ago, it was too expensive to get that kind of level of detail with a 3D scanner or with photogrammetry, especially with a mobile device, now it's affordable and the result is just .. wow ! i need to make more tests (just got it yesterday), but as of now, it seems too easy to use, with the desktop and with the mobile app, thanks to a user friendly interface.
        I also want to thank the customer service (thanks Gena !) for the the reactivity and the support with my delivery issue i faced, it was at the level of this product : simple and efficient !

        Markers For 3D Scanning
        Anthony Gallardo

        Marker seem to work ok, what really seems to work well with the markers is to use the scanner in a dark room, it seems to pick up both the markers and the model well much better that in a lighted room. I guess it's because there is less reflection on the model itself.

        Mobile Connector
        Mirko Ferronato
        Indispensable! I need it

        Perfect fit, very useful and serviceable. it greatly simplifies and extends processing times without having to worry about running out of battery.
        Thank You. I Suggest It

        Mobile Connector
        Michael Gerheim
        Revopoint 3D Mobile Connector

        It’s a nice and helpful accessory, when you’ve no WIFI and
        also want to charge your devices while scanning.


        Mobile Connector
        Jakub Boczkaja

        Mobile Connector

        POP 3D Portable Scanner

        POP 3D Portable Scanner
        Erik Josue Lozano Vargas
        Very good choice

        It is a good quality price scanner, you have to touch up the pieces, but in all scanners it is necessary. I loved it.

        REVO. VL Rechargeable Mini LED Light