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        Need extra help on large scans of great difficulty? Prepare yourself by purchasing our highly reflective markers made specifically for 3D scanning. It helps our scanners locate even the smoothest spots to ensure everything is scanned in place. Scan quicker with our Markers today!

        Highly recommended

        Marker is very helpful when you want to scan a smooth object, like a cup, a car, or anything with a smooth surface. 


        3D scanner marker

        Customer Reviews

        Based on 5 reviews
        Maxime Chevrier
        Nice product for the price

        The product is Nice and made with good quality. Easy to use. Can have little more info for the included items

        Anthony Gallardo

        Marker seem to work ok, what really seems to work well with the markers is to use the scanner in a dark room, it seems to pick up both the markers and the model well much better that in a lighted room. I guess it's because there is less reflection on the model itself.

        Szabó Zsolt

        Markers For 3D Scanning

        osamu nagao
        I need

        It's very easy to use.

        Dear Osamu~san

        Thank you for trusting in us. I hope we keep meeting your expectations.
        If you ever need anything, give us a holler.

        Much love,
        Ela from Revopoint 3D

        Mirco Stefano Gallina
        not tested

        I haven't had a chance to test them yet, due to holidays etc.
        I plannin next month.