POP 3D Scanner(Infrared Light丨Precision 0.15mm)

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Set: POP 3D Scanner
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Customer Reviews

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Felipe Cassini

Equipamento super fantástico,. Atendeu minhas expectativas. O programa ainda precisa ser mais estável. Preciso estudar mais para fazer trabalhos mais detalhados.

Larry G
Accurate Scans, Easy to Use

I received this unit by supporting their Kickstarter campaign...I love this thing, after getting familiar/ comfortable with it, I am scanning everything with ease. I do a lot of prototyping using Solidworks and 3d Printers and this unit is just the answer, as the cost is much lower than commercial scanners, yet gives the same results.
I can transfer the scanned images into Solidworks directly or I can convert to mesh in Handy Studio (part of the software suite for this unit).
I am scanning some large items, with the largest (so far) being 1448mm* At the body mode, you can see the places that are next, creating a beautiful mesh.
I am using this scanner much more often than I thought I would, with accurate scans, I am able to use the results as verbatim for sizing.

Carla Afonso
love it!

love the scanner. simple to use. the support team is lovely.

Majid Shukri
Excellent scanner with a good price

The scanner is excellent for the good price and the detailed scans it provides, it certainly performs as advertised. I tried it with the laptop and the mobile phone, both performed perfectly. Just make sure to read the scanner's specs and watch the tutorial videos before ordering to know what it can and cannot do.

James L. Shupe
My POP experience

I was intrigued by this little scanner when I saw it on Kickstarter and couldn't wait to get mine. I unboxed and started to play with it, having minimal experience with the Xbox Kinect and its mediocre results. The unit was very well packaged in a sturdy box and came with the accessory black sheet, scanning dots, gloves, usb-c and usb 3.0 cables, turntable, and some blue putty for adhering objects to the turntable. Playing with the POP and gaining experience, seeing my scans get better and better has been very rewarding; and my experience with customer support has been excellent.

What's in the box?

POP 3D Scanner


USB Cable (Type A)

USB Cable (Type C)

Gift( Sample Statue, Glue Tack, Black Sheet and Markers)

POP 3D Scanner


USB Cable (Type A)

USB Cable (Type C)


Turntable Adapter

Gift( Sample Statue, Glue Tack, Black Sheet and Markers)

POP 3D Scanner


USB Cable (Type A)

USB Cable (Type C)


Turntable Adapter

Phone Holder

Power Bank

Gift(Sample Statue, Glue Tack, Black Sheet and Markers)

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Full Specifications


Dual camera infrared structured light

Texture Scan


Single-frame Precision

Up to 0.15 mm


2.4 GHz

Point Distance

Up to 0.15 mm

Scanner Weight

225 g

Single Capture Range

130 x 210 mm


154.6 x 38.2x 25.6 mm

Working Distance

175~375 mm

Printable Data Output

Able to export 3D model directly to a 3D printer

Minimum Scan Volume

30 x 30 x 30 mm

Compatible with

Windows 8/10, 64-bit, Android, iOS, MAC

Scan Speed

Up to 8 fps


2.4 GHz

Light Source

Class 1 infrared laser

Connector Type

Micro USB


Feature, Marker

Special Object Scanning

For transparent and highly reflective objects, please use a 3D Scanning spray powder, with optional sublimation

Output Format



Note: *The aforesaid accuracy is acquired in a standard lab environment. Results may vary, depending on the actual operating environment.

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