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          An automatic turntable to help save time, effort, and errors from your scans. Revopoint brings the functionality of a turntable to 3D scanning to ensure pinpoint accuracy. Lock the object in place, followed by a smooth, slow, and silent spin to capture all aspects. Never redo your 3D scans again. Includes US/UK/EU plug accordingly. Ships with a plug adapter for AU/ZA.

          alt=3D scanner Turntable3D scanner Turntablescanner Turntablescanner Turntable

          The turntable has US/UK/EU plug. We will ship it according to the destination country. For countries like AU/ZA, we will add a plug adapter to the packing list.

          If your country uses a special plug,  pls remark on the shopping cart page. Thanks.

          Customer Reviews

          Based on 8 reviews
          Abbey McNally
          Love IT

          Super Amazing Thank you

          Carla Afonso
          great table

          i love it. i use it to scan and even use it to make movies with my works.

          Roby Allario

          it is certainly a good product, I recommend you to see several tutorials to be able to scan more easily because not everything is able to read perfectly; in any case to get good results you need to create a scan of the object inside a mini photographic set in order to set an opaque and uniform background ... otherwise it can go into conflict; the software is simple but you could make it smarter! ... I can't find a button or a section where you can download any program and / or firmware updates
          Very useful accessories and they serve practically everyone ... especially the long cable (in my opinion)
          thanks good job

          alexis prevoteau

          Works very well, but damn expensive for what it is...

          John Karagiannis
          Five Stars

          Very Good